By using the natural resources of our environment and making money out of it, nature is already doing you a favor, therefore you should return it likewise. Therefore, you should make sure that you are practicing proper farming to help preserve the environment while making more food for the nation. Here are some farm practices that you should consider.

Limit the expansion of farmland

In an existing farmland, you should know the limitation and utilize the land properly to avoid farmland expansion. Leave the rest for nature to grow its natural plants and trees, rather than destroying it just to expand the farmland for corn, grains, soybeans and other crops. Being able to save farmland expansion will assure that we just borrow a limited farmland space from the environment.

Practice several ways to preserve the biodiversity

Aside from the fact that weeds, insects, and other pests will destroy your crops and will turn your hard work into nothing, it could also destroy the environment as well. As much as possible, you might want to preserve the biodiversity, and that is to ensure that you have enough crop protection to increase your productivity and limit the land that you are going to cultivate because of the loss.

Limiting greenhouse gasses

To mitigate climate change, one must cut their emissions of greenhouse gasses. Being able to keep the soil natural and undisturbed will make it healthy and will also keep the carbon in the ground. In that way, dealing with climate change becomes easier all the while preserving our environment.

Using second-hand equipment

Instead of buying expensive and brand new equipment, there are used equipment that you can buy. Not only will it help you in saving money, but it will also help preserve the environment as well. Farm equipment is manufactured that will eventually consume energy and the sources that are used to manufacture this equipment came from raw materials. Therefore, buying second-hand equipment will reduce the negative impact on the environment of manufacturing new equipment.

Using animal waste as fertilizer

Instead of buying commercial fertilizer in the market, why don’t you make good use of the animal waste? In that way, you can help save the environment all the while utilizing your animal’s waste into making your fertilizer. It is cost-effective and is proven to be more effective than industrial fertilizers that you can buy.

Using natural pest eliminators

There are animals that you could use to be you eliminators of the pests and insects in your crops such as birds and bats. Instead of buying toxic pesticides to spray into the air and contribute to the air pollution, worldfarmers are given an option to buy these natural pest eliminators from the market. They could then release it to their farm and let them make it their home in exchange for eliminating pest while they are staying.

Avoiding soil erosion

Soil erosion can ruin your crops in an instant. Being able to take good care of the soil and keep it healthy will ensure that you will not suffer from soil erosion. There are old methods that you could execute, such as plowing and tilling the land. Not only that, but tan spot and crown rot are also minimized.

These are the farm practices that you should try to execute in your farm and crop. It seems quite hard at first, but you’ll get used to farming in a simplified process. These are just small effort, but it can make a big impact on the environment already.